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Greetings. As of Spring 2022, I am largely retired. That said, I still accept the occasional creative project. If you have one you'd like to chat about, you can reach me at



short film • my role: writer

Directed by Daniel Piatt, who was kind enough to let me tweak the editing, making this a rare "writer's cut."


documentary • my role: writer, editor

Duke Farms, an organization that promotes education on environmental sustainability, created the TALON progam to let inner city teens experience nature first hand. Produced by Tanya Sulikowski. Shooting and directing by Jeff Weiser. This was an extremely satisfying project, and all involved were delighted with the finished piece.


short film • my role: editor

Fred Lehne crafted this short script in early 2016. By the end of May it was in the can and by July it was a finished film. A year later, it had been an official selection in over 60 festivals and received awards at 16.  Many thanks to Fred for making me part of the team. And thanks to actors Reed Birney and Blake DeLong for their willingness to spend an entire day in a men's room. 


health care • my role: director, editor

This is a condensed segment from a much longer piece, which explains the emergency response of a hospital stroke team. Our trauma bay set was assembled in a small basement storage room; amazing what works sometimes! Many thanks to Pam Kramer for casing these fine actors, and to Kristen Udowitz for the outstanding narration.


short film • my role: editor

This film was written and directed by Paul Williams, a friend from the New Jersey Screenwriters Group. Everything was shot in one day with a crew from FDU, expertly wrangled by DP David Landau. I have to credit my own editing students with coming up with a lot of the revisions I've made since the first cut in 2010. STABLE has appeared in a number of film festivals and received many accolades. 


recruiting • my role: director, editor

This piece was one of three commissioned by a large healthcare firm; the others focused on technology and work environment. The goal was to draw top scientists to the client's research center in Nutley, NJ. Thanks to Trey Lindsay for his excellent DP work.


short film • my role: co-director, editor


Another excellent story from the mind of Fred Lehne, who also stars. A man drives alone down a dark highway, by stages guided, soothed and swept away by the voice of his GPS. Very much inspired by classic Twilight Zone storytelling. Shot over six nights with a Panasonic GH4 and lots of duct tape.


training module • my role: editor

The client commissioned a set of four dramatic scenes, each depicting employees behaving very badly, as part of an anti-harassment campaign. Fun to edit. Produced and directed by Joe Jerman.


book trailer • my role: director, editor

Bill Prystauk is a writer buddy from way back, and I was happy to help create this trailer for his first novel. Bill wrote the narration, recorded by Owen McCuen, and I handled the rest. Great fun! My basement floor never looked better.

A moment from my screenplay "Flower Girls," as visualized by Matthew Gabzdyl in 2012.



SOFTWARE TRAINING  3 pages - Specifies visuals and narration for a tutorial on how to use a Patient Management and Tracking application. 

EQUIPMENT TRAINING  14 pages - Ever yearned for the knowledge to operate a digitial radiography system? This script tells you everything!  

SURGICAL PROCEDURE  4 pages - Go on, admit it. You've always wanted to know how to implant plastic mesh to repair a hernia. Now you can!


GERMINATION  (Family Drama) 7 pages - A young girl discovers the visionary genius of her grandfather—a brilliant but failed architect—and is inspired to carry on his life’s work.

THE GODS OF ETHAN HOLLOWAY  (Supernatural Drama) 13 pages - A long-time inmate at a psychiatric hospital is visited by his personal gods, which ultimately help him achieve freedom through mystical transcendence.

DEVOTION  (Drama) 1 page - A woman with a gravely injured husband makes a life altering choice.

FLOWER GIRLS  (Supernatural Drama) 5 pages - An old, dying man recalls a moment of great joy, and finds a simple, mystical way to pass it on to a new friend. First place winner, Retitled "Hana," it was remade by Bunee Tomlinson in 2014. 

THE SMALL MULTIPLE  (Science Fiction) 7 pages - A scientist builds a machine to access alternate universes, with unexpected consequences. Produced and directed by Daniel Piatt for the DVXuser Timefest, April 2008. Third place winner. View it on my Movies page. 

VETERAN'S DAY  (Drama) 14 pages - A young, traumatized veteran of the Iraq War finally comes to terms with his memories after discovering the similar experiences of a vet from World War II. 

A DOORWAY WHISPERS  (Drama) 5 pages - An angry young poet finds inspiration and a new direction after the death of his abusive father. 

LEWISTON  (Paranormal Thriller) 90 pages - After discovering that statues of soldiers on war memorials can be brought to life, a fatherless boy gains their help to rescue a kidnapped child.  (PDF file is the first 25 pages.)

Directing a pharmaceutical video with DP Dan Eriksen.


I have known and worked with Don for well over 20 years. He is my go-to person when I need help crafting a story. His wide range of talents as a writer, director and editor, and his vast experience in production make him an ideal partner in creating programs that appeal to both the mind and the heart.

Bob Griffiths, Director

Firedancer Productions, Inc.

Don delivers results! I've had the pleasure to work with him on many important media projects, and what I enjoy most about having him involved is the overall balanced talent he brings to every aspect of the job. Don brings a style and approach that are supportive but at the same time challenging.  If you're looking for a great filmmaker, you've found him.

Dan Piccoli, Senior Vice President

Ricoh Americas Corporation

Don is an incredibly talented writer with a vivid imagination. On top of that he is an absolute pleasure to work with. His ability to take input and turn it into something worth shooting is a rare gift. I highly recommend him for any project that may require his considerable skill.

Daniel Piatt

Director, Piatt Films

I've been working with Don for well over 15 years and this is a director who understands his talent and crew. As a producer he is detailed and can communicate, which is key to a casting director where there are so many details and usually very little time and budget. As a writer, he understands that the words need to be spoken by an actor. He is clear and concise, he is supportive and detailed and I am the one who is blessed to be able to work with such a pro. He makes my job easy. 

Pamela Kramer

Owner, Bradley Baron

My admiration for Don's work is hard to summarize, but two beacons suggest the range. His imagery and imaginative entry are vivid and accessible, ideas presented sharp and fresh. You immediately see where he's going, but wonder how he got there and where he's going to take you next. His clarity and unity are polished artifacts of craft. Having established a premise, he takes you by simple steps to a satisfying resolution. Inspiration first, then craft, to get the work done right. 

Ken Rolston, Game Designer

Lead Designer of Morrowind and Oblivion

Don Riemer is one of those rare people who embodies the ideal combination of talents that enable him to be creative and strategic in how he envisions, lays out and produces a project. I've seen Don turn chaos into well organized instructional design, lackluster content into dramatic entertainment and thin ideas into rich, intuitive scripting with a great impact. Every project I've put in his hands has improved. Don takes projects to a higher level each and every time he beings the scripting process. It's significant to note that Don is also a very decent person with a high level of integrity.

Therese Ledwith Fay, Director

BMS Films at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Don Riemer is a complete pleasure to work with. His creativity is boundless. His dedication and effort are without measure. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the craft are phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to work with him on many projects and he always exceeds my expectations.

Chris Messineo, Writer-Director

Off Stage Films

Don Riemer is without doubt one of the best writer-director-producers I have ever worked with. He brings to his work a rare combination of creative storytelling and a sound business sense. Whether it's an orientation video for new employees or an interactive demo for field sales, he has always delivered effective communications programs that achieve results.

Camilla Jenkins, Vice President

Corporate Communications. Fuji Film

Seldom do I write a letter of recommendation. However, when a product is delivered that is far above my expectations I feel so compelled. Don Riemer was contracted to produce our first company video. He led us through the project effortlessly, asking all the right questions and supplying all the information we needed to succeed. The video covers a wide range of activities, from our handmade manufacturing process to the display of finished product; from our company history to our plans for the future. Editing hours of material into our limited running time, while retaining all key information, was done to perfection. I look forward to our next collaboration. 

Tim Seitz, Sr. Vice President

Peggy Karr Glass, Inc.

Dear Don, 

It gives me tremendous pleasure to tell you that The Seeing Eye received a Gold Award in the American Corporate Video Awards competition for our Coming Home video! We owe this outstanding recognition to you! Your exceptional direction and creativity from script to editing ensured not only a beautiful, informative video for people who are blind and their families, but also a work of art that merited this award.

Rosemary Carroll, Director

Development and Public Affairs

The Seeing Eye

Don possesses an unusual combination of talents: he is highly structured, disciplined and logical, while at the same time he cultivates a vision that is unconventional, even quirky. His inclination is to look at the world from an odd angle (sometimes subterranean, sometimes stratospheric), and this can produce work that is original, memorable and engaging. Don also brings to his craft a wonderful work ethic and formidable technical skills as both a writer and a director.

Bill Drummy, Founder & Chairman

Heartbeat Ideas


These eyes available


My FDU editing class, Spring 2015. One of the best ever. Thanks, guys.


I tell Stories.  Like the time I helped my brother outline a sci-fi tale involving a bloodthirsty alien, legions of doomed townsfolk and a small, wind-up car. I was seven, Chris was ten. Sadly, we never finished this gem, but I'm pretty sure it was my first experience with goal-directed storytelling.


These days I tell stories (and teach) with words, pictures and the ever-changing tools of digital cinema. As a...

writer, I give the story a structure.

director, I inject action, emotion, and texture.

editor, I transform a media whirlwind into narrative flow.

And though it's not a primary focus, I also produce many programs, to assure that creative enthusiasm dovetails with the realities of time and budget. 


Experience: over 25 years and some 400 projects, a mixed bag of entertainment, documentary, public relations, training and marketing. And some things just for fun. 


Clients: Novartis, AT&T, Foster Wheeler, Ricoh, The Seeing Eye, IBM, Pfizer, Merck, Becton Dickinson, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson... plus a whole slew of others. 


My role varies with the job. Sometimes I'm just the editor, or just the writer, but often I provide a combination of services. Want to know more? Give me a call


By the way, my name rhymes with dreamer, which I am. 

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